I offer coaching, programming and consultation.  I work with inviduals and organisations.  

There are numerous realms in which I could provide guidance - strength training for rowing, improving capacity on the rowing machine or in a boat, hypertrophy (mass gains), cross-training, SkiErging, body recomposition, cultivating a peak performance lifestyle or maybe you just need someone to tell you when you can have a muffin and when you can't.  It all depends on you.  

My coaching can function as its own entity or around the parameters of an existing training program, in-season or off.  My only stipulation is that once we begin you will give me your best and I will do my utmost to bring you closer to your goals.

Cost will determined by the duration and volume of the service you require.  Enquire and you will be sent a questionnaire to complete.  I'm not a massive fan of completing forms myself, but this is the method I'll use to determine who I work with as well as provide information for subsequent programming. If successful I will email you with a proposition for the road ahead.   Pricing is based on the agreed upon type and duration of service and paid below.

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Keep it brief. You will be required to elaborate further in the questionaiire.

Payment options below are for successful candidates.  Do not compete this step until we've discussed coaching options.